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Electric engraving pen

  • 24w

  • Single phase 220V


The main technical parameters: Power supply voltage: AC220/50HZ Output current: 0.01--0.5A Output power: 24W Writing depth: 0.1--0.5 (depending on the writing material) Electric engraving tip: ф3mm carbide Dimensions: 150×65×40mm Instrument net weight: 250g Packing weight: 300g

 Logo features:  Any permanent pattern text has a large concave depth, up to 1mm (the effect is similar to a pneumatic marking machine). Hand-held operation, easy to use, low cost, 5-speed stroke size adjustment (the stroke determines the degree of marking)

 typical application:  Numbering marks for measuring tools, molds, auto parts, nameplates, etc.; personalized signatures for handicrafts

 Instructions: 1. Turn on the power and hold the electric engraving pen in your right hand; 2. Hold the pen as if you were holding it, tilt it slightly at an angle (45 degrees), place your hand on the table, and press the micro switch with your finger to engrave. Release to stop writing.Don't press down hard when carving, and write slower than usual.3. There is a knob on the upper part of the engraving pen to adjust the writing speed. You can master its performance through repeated engraving to meet the font size and depth requirements of the engraving materials you need.4. The engraving pen is equipped with a carbide engraving head when it leaves the factory, which can be used for engraving on glass, metal, ceramics and other hard materials. However, for industrial edge engraving, a special diamond engraving head is required.  Precautions: 1. Since the electric engraving pen does not directly dissipate heat externally, the heat dissipation is relatively slow. Generally, continuous operation should not exceed half an hour in summer, and continuous operation should not exceed 1 hour in winter.2. When the fuselage shell is hot, wait until it cools down before using it to avoid damaging the internal coil.3. Please keep this device away from children to avoid accidents.4. For safe use, please check frequently to see if there is any leakage.


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