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Pneumatic tapping machine


New product, driven by compressed air, safe, fast and efficient.Small air pressure and air volume, large torque output.Rapid repeatable positioning, fast cutting speed, high production efficiency. The safe torque barrel is equipped with an overload protection device to ensure less tap damage. Through-hole and blind hole taps are continuous, and the thread precision is high. It can tap various steel, iron, copper, aluminum, plastic and other materials. .Heavier workpieces do not require tooling, the fixture has a large working area (half 900mm-2000mm), a wide tapping range (M3-M22), simple operation, and low work intensity, requiring no experience or strength at all.The processing cost is much lower than using a CNC machining center, a milling machine with a tapper or manual tapping.Can be used for: tapping, chamfering, reaming, and locking screws.

The only manufacturer in China that produces tapping machines that can control tapping depth.


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