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ZJ02 machine tool


Introduction to ZJ02 machine tool

The ZJ02 machine tool is a special machine tool for high-efficiency, chipless processing that uses four rollers to roll high-frequency heated round bars into twist drill blanks at one time.It can roll straight and tapered shank twist drills with a diameter of 3~8mm and a length of 65~117mm.It can roll both straight shank twist drills and tapered shank twist drills.It is suitable for mass production of twist drills in tool manufacturers.  

Note: This machine tool is configured by our companyhigh frequencyheating machine,It saves electricity and energy, and saves 60% of electricity than ordinary electronic tubes at high frequency. It has high rolling precision and fast production efficiency (44-55 pieces per minute).

Rolling diameter 3~5mm,TXCG-10 model,Rolling diameter5~8mm,Tx25 model

Rolling diameter 3~8mm,TXCG—20 models

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