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Electrochemical marking machine

  • 300w

  • Single phase 220V


Main Specifications

Power supply voltage: AC220V

Output voltage adjustment range: 0~20V

Output timing adjustment range: 1~10S

 Modulation current: 25A

Power: 300W

Volume: 330mm×230mm×150mm

Metal electrochemical marking machines apply electrochemical principles to print marks on a variety of metals, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, various alloy steels, tool steels, carbide, aluminum alloys, chrome plating, nickel plating, zinc plating, and various grinding , polished metal surfaces, etc.Suitable for marking logos, product names, technical indicators, manufacturer names, safety matters, as well as making stainless steel signs, shell marking, etc.   Its characteristics are regular, clear, durable, non-discoloring, non-falling, high temperature resistance, and not afraid of scrubbing by organic solvents.No matter the size of the product, it can be printed on flat, curved or thin surfaces.The printing is fine, with a depth of 5-100um. It is easy to operate and can be imaged in just a few seconds without drying and curing. Instructions:   Make the content to be printed on the template (for large batches of repeated markings, a silk screen template printing plate can be made, and large characters and patterns can be carved with stickers to engrave the required words or graphics. For small batches, wax paper templates can be printed, for small batches) For batch markings, especially those with numbers and dates, you can use a computer to input text and use a dot matrix printer to print it out on typing wax paper,), then place the template on the workpiece to be printed, and stick the output electrode of the machine to the marking hydraulic pressure Just leave it on for 1-2 seconds. After removing the electrode, a beautiful logo will be printed and will not fall off.

Marking features of the marking machine: 1.The marking depth is between 0.01mm-0.2mm.2.The color of the mark is black or white (stainless steel or French blue, phosphate).3.No damage or damage will be caused to the product.4.The marking time is short and the speed is fast, just press for 1-2 seconds.5.The text and images are clear and artistic.6.The operating platform is small, about half the size of a desk.7.The marking operation is as easy as stamping an official seal.8.The electrolyte is an environmentally friendly product and is harmless to the human body, products and the environment.9.The output voltage of the marking machine is below the international safety voltage and is absolutely safe for the human body.


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