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Pneumatic marking machine


1. Application scope:

1. Print logos on various hard plastic products.2. Marking of various mechanical parts, machine tools, and hardware products; 3. Marking of various metal pipes, gears, pump bodies, valves, and fasteners; 4. Printing of metal signs for steel, steel pipes, instruments, etc.; 5 Marking of automobile and motorcycle signs and parts; 2. Characteristics of computer pneumatic marking machine: 1. Printing content: Chinese and English characters, Arabic numerals, and arbitrary graphics.Users can input and edit at will.2. Can automatically print serial numbers (serial numbers).3. The printed content can be saved and retained.4. Can print on workpieces of any shape.5. There are no special requirements for the surface of the printing part, and it can be adapted to cast and forged surfaces.6. Various materials with a hardness no greater than HRC60 can be printed.7. The print head can be flexibly installed to adapt to different production sites.

3. Marking machine performance indicators: 1. Printing speed: 2-6 characters per second (size 2) can also be adjusted by the user 2. Printing range: 140ⅹ80 on the plane, Φ10-Φ100 on the circumferential surface (can be determined according to the user) 3. Printing depth: 0.02-2mm adjustable 4. Printing hardness: 5. Power: 210W 6. Machine weight: 95kg


Computer pneumatic marking machine consists of three parts: computer, controller and printer (marking head).

It controls the printing needle to move according to the character or graphic trajectory edited by the computer through the computer.

At the same time, high-pressure gas impacts the printing needle at high frequency, thereby imprinting a dense dot matrix on the surface of the workpiece.

Composed of characters or graphics.The entire marking process is completely controlled automatically by the computer. It is a brand-new

Permanent marking technology, with marking standard, beautiful appearance, and value changing

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