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  • 40KW

  • Three-phase 380V

  • 80-200KHZ


TXCG-40 The main technical parameters:

(1) Specifications: TXCG-40 (2) Input power: 40KW (3) Oscillation frequency: 80-200KHZ (4) Heating current: 10~100A (5) Input voltage: three-phase 380V 50HZ (6) Load duration: 100% (7) Main and extension connection: 2 meters long (8) Heating and holding time: 0.1~99.9 seconds (9) Cooling water requirements: ≥0.2MPa ≥10L/min (10) Main machine weight: 50KG (11) Extension Weight: 27KG (12) Host volume (CM): 60 length × 35 width × 52 height (13) Extension volume (CM): 45 length × 30 width × 40 height

main feature:

1. Using IGBT power devices and our company's unique converter control technology, the equipment has higher reliability and low maintenance costs; 2. Using conventional IGBT devices, the equipment operating frequency reaches 200KHZ, with advanced control technology, 3. 100% load Continuous rate, 24-hour operation at maximum power; 4. With constant current/constant power control function, higher heating efficiency; 5. Full display of output power, frequency, and current; 6. Simple installation, just connect electricity and water It can be used without the need for special personnel to install it; 7. Miniaturization saves equipment installation space and is easy to maintain; 8. The automatic control type can adjust the power and time of the heating and heat preservation processes, which is beneficial to improving the repeatability of heating quality and simplifying worker operations.

Main specifications and parameters:

Main specifications

input power

Output frequency

Input voltage


TXCG-10    All-in-one




380V three-phase

50 or 60HZ

1. All equipment has type B, that is, split type. The standard connection length of the main and extension units is 2 meters, and 2-6 meters can also be customized;

2. All equipment has type A, which is the automatic control type, with heating and holding time and power adjustment functions;

3. For example, TXCG-20AB is a 20KW split-type equipment with timing

TXCG-10A   Self-control type

TXCG-20    All-in-one



TXCG-20A   All-in-one

TXCG-20B   split type

TXCG-20AB split automatic type

TXCG-30AB split automatic type



TXCG-40AB split automatic type



TXCG-60AB split automatic type



TXCG-100AB split automatic type



Main applications and working principles:

This product is suitable for many heating applications such as:

(1) Heat treatment of large and small gears, large and small shafts and other parts

(2) Heating glue for carbon steel screws and stainless steel screws

(3) Maglev smelting for schools and research institutes

(4) Smelting of scrap or powder materials

(5) Copper pipe joint welding, etc.

The structure of this series of equipment adopts our company's third-generation inverter control technology. On the basis of using conventional IGBT devices, the equipment can not only output high-power high-frequency power with a frequency of up to 250 KHZ, but also has high equipment reliability, making solid-state high-frequency It is possible to replace the high frequency of vacuum tubes.

Advantages and applications with timing function: 1. Heating power, heating time, holding power and holding time are independently adjustable, which can effectively control the heating curve and heating temperature to a certain extent; 2. Applied to heating workpieces with high repeatability and rapid heating; 3. When used in brazing, the combination of rapid heating and heat preservation functions is used to achieve rapid heating and at the same time maintain heat when the solder melts, so that the solder can fully spread;

Advantages and applications of split structure: 1. In split equipment, the high-frequency power supply (host) and high-frequency transformer (extension) are separated, and the connection between the main and extension units is 2 meters long; 2. Applicable to work in poor environment The host can be enclosed in a clean space, which greatly reduces the maintenance rate of the host and increases the reliability of the equipment; 3. When used in assembly line operations or complete sets of equipment, small extensions occupy less space on the table and are easy to move;

Working Principle and Structural Features This series of equipment uses a series resonance circuit. After resonance, it outputs low-voltage, high-current high-frequency power through a high-frequency transformer.The resonance structure is shown in the figure:

This series of equipment adopts IGBT power devices and our company's third-generation converter control technology---dual regulation converter control technology.In this technology, power and frequency are independently controlled. IGBT switching devices and amorphous inductors are used to form a high-frequency chopper circuit to regulate power. IGBT series resonance and frequency automatic tracking technology are used to obtain accurate soft switching control inversion process, so that The working reliability of the equipment under high power has been greatly improved, which has enabled the equipment to be developed in the high power field and 100% equipment duty cycle can be achieved.In this series of equipment, the resonant capacitor is connected in series on the secondary side of the high-frequency transformer, so the voltage on the high-frequency transformer is low, which greatly reduces the insulation and spark problems caused by high voltage, greatly improving the operating reliability of the equipment. At the same time, the high-frequency transformer Small size, light weight and low loss.

The main technical parameters:

1. Input power: TXCG-40B: 40KW

TXCG-60B: 60KW

2. Input voltage: three-phase 380V, 50 or 60HZ

3. Oscillation frequency: TXCG-40B: 50—200KHZ;

TXCG-60B: 50—150KHZ

4. Cooling water requirements: 0.2Mpa, 10 L/min

5. Load duration:

6. Automatically controlled timing function: heating time, holding time: 0.1-99.9 seconds

7. Split main-extension connection length: 2 meters

8. Weight and volume

main feature:

1. Using IGBT power devices and unique inverter control technology, the equipment has high reliability and low maintenance costs;

2. Load duration, under power, 24 hours operation;

3. It has constant current/constant power control function and high heating efficiency;

4. Full display of output power, frequency and current;

5. Easy to install, just need to connect electricity and water to use, no need for special personnel to install;

6. Miniaturization, saving equipment installation space and easy maintenance;

7. The automatic control type can adjust the power and time of the heating and heat preservation processes, which is beneficial to improving the repeatability of heating quality and simplifying worker operations.

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