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Dispose of the three wastes after using the smelting furnace

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In usesmelting furnaceDuring the production process of smelting metal, a large amount of waste slag, waste gas, waste water and dust will be produced.If it is discharged directly, it will not only cause environmental pollution and waste resources, but also endanger people's health.Therefore, the three wastes should be processed and recycled.

1. Treatment of waste residue

1. Direct recycling

2. Use water quenching residue to directly make cement raw materials

3. Use slag to make cast stone

4. Use waste residues to make construction and road construction materials and farmland fertilizers

2. Treatment and utilization of waste gas

1. Exposed electric furnace flue gas purification

2. Semi-enclosed electric furnace

3. Closed electric furnace flue gas purification and energy recovery

4. Comprehensive utilization of smoke and dust

3. Wastewater treatment and application

Wet dust removal (Vennian scrubber) in ferroalloy production will produce a large amount of sewage. The sewage contains a variety of harmful substances. Direct discharge will definitely cause pollution to the environment and waste water resources.Purifying it can not only protect the environment, but also recycle water, killing two birds with one stone.At present, countries around the world generally use closed-circuit circulation systems: such as clarifiers, cooling towers, condensers, rotating vacuum filters, washing drug delivery and mud storage pits, etc.In this way, the purified sewage can be recirculated without causing pollution to the environment, and useful substances in the sediment can also be recovered.

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