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Precautions for safe operation of melting furnaces

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smelting furnaceIt is a very dangerous equipment, and the temperature can be said to be very high. We must pay attention to safety during production operations!Below I will briefly introduce to you some issues that should be paid attention to in the actual operation of the smelting furnace.

1. Before starting the furnace, check whether the electrical equipment, water cooling system, sensor copper tubes, etc. are intact, otherwise it is prohibited to open the furnace.

2. If the melting loss of the furnace exceeds the regulations, it should be repaired in time.It is strictly prohibited to smelt in a crucible with excessive melting damage.

3. There should be a dedicated person responsible for powering on and starting the furnace. It is strictly forbidden to touch the sensor and cable after powering on.Personnel on duty are not allowed to leave their posts without authorization and must pay attention to the external conditions of the sensor and crucible.4. When charging, check whether there are flammable, explosive and other harmful items mixed in the charge. If any, they should be removed in time. It is strictly forbidden to add cold materials and wet materials directly into the molten steel. It is strictly forbidden to add large pieces of materials after the molten liquid is filled to the top. , to prevent capping.

5. When repairing the furnace and pounding the crucible, it is strictly forbidden to mix iron filings and iron oxide, and the pounding of the crucible must be dense.

6. The pouring site and the pit in front of the furnace should be free of obstacles and water to prevent the molten steel from falling to the ground and exploding.

7. The molten steel is not allowed to be filled too full. When pouring the hand bag, the two people should cooperate in unison and walk smoothly. No sudden stops are allowed. After pouring, the remaining steel must be poured into the designated place. It is strictly forbidden to dump it randomly.

8. The medium frequency generator room should be kept clean. Inflammable and explosive items and other debris are strictly prohibited from being brought into the room. Smoking is prohibited indoors.I hope everyone can keep the above points in mind and pay more attention in daily operations!

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