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Electric tipping melting furnace

  • 15-160kw

  • Three-phase 380V

  • 1-20KHZ


 Electric tipping medium frequency melting furnace

1. Main components: (1) TXZ-15~TXZ-160 medium frequency power supply (2) Compensation capacitor box (3) Electric tipping melting furnace 2. Oscillation frequency: 2-20KHZ 3. Suitable for non-ferrous metal materials from 3KG to 300KG And a small amount of non-metallic materials smelting

Smelting principle of the intermediate frequency smelting furnace: The power supply adopts all-solid-state Siemens IGBT frequency conversion module technology, and adopts the principle of magnetic field induction eddy current heating. It uses current to pass through the coil to generate a magnetic field, and heats the metal through the electromagnetic eddy current induction generated by the metal itself. The metal is instantly heated through the crucible container. Start melting, melt the metal into liquid, and then carry out processes such as smelting, refining, purifying, and then casting and molding using various molds. Compared with coke furnaces, gas furnaces, oil furnaces, and ordinary resistance furnaces, the melting speed is faster, and it consumes less energy and saves energy. Environmentally friendly, small in size and easy to operate.

main feature:,

1. The metal is heated up instantly through the crucible container and begins to melt, and then processes such as smelting, refining, purification, casting and pouring are carried out.

2. The main metals targeted are: platinum, gold, silver, copper, steel, aluminum, activated carbon gold ash, gold sand, electrolytic copper, gold and silver powder, tin ash, tin slag, etc.

3. The amount of metal melted in a single time: 1g~100kg, the melting time in a single time: 5 minutes~30 minutes, the maximum furnace temperature is 1000-1600 degrees

4. It is suitable for both factory production and small family workshops, and is also suitable for small-volume sample melting experiments in schools/research institutes;

5. Fast heating: the fastest heating speed, the heating efficiency reaches more than 95% (the speed can be adjusted and controlled)

6. Energy saving and environmental protection: save electricity and energy, replace oxyacetylene flame, coke furnace, gas furnace, oil furnace, thyristor intermediate frequency.

7. Easy installation: connect the power supply, the induction coil and the inlet and outlet pipes are ready for use; small size, light weight, very convenient to use.

8. Easy to operate: It can be learned in a few minutes. It is easy to install. Just connect the power supply, water in and out, and it is ready to work. No professional installation is required.

9. Quick start: heating can be started after turning on water and electricity, with 24-hour uninterrupted melting capability.

10. The machine is safe and reliable: It is equipped with overvoltage, overcurrent, overheating, water shortage and other alarm indication protection, which greatly improves the manufacturability of the equipment.

11. It has the electromagnetic stirring function to make the molten material more uniform, which is beneficial to dross and reduces impurities, making the melt or castings brighter and free of shrinkage and porosity.

The equipment structure of the intermediate frequency melting furnace:

1  The most basic unit in the intermediate frequency power supply and capacitor box and smelting furnace.According to different application requirements, it may also include infrared thermometers, temperature controllers and other devices; the melting furnace is divided into three types: tip-over melting furnace, ejection melting furnace and fixed melting furnace.Tip-over smelting furnaces can be divided into hand-operated mechanical tip-over furnaces, electric tip-over furnaces and hydraulic tip-over furnaces according to the tip-over method.  2  Normally, a coaxial cable is used to connect the intermediate frequency power supply and the capacitor box, and a water-cooled cable is used to connect the capacitor box and the smelting furnace.

Features of medium frequency melting furnace:

 (1) Medium frequency melting furnace is used for melting and heating of steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, gold, silver and other metal materials; the melting capacity ranges from 3KG to 300KG.

 (2)  Medium frequency melting has a good electromagnetic stirring effect, which is beneficial to the uniform temperature and structure of the melted metal, is beneficial to dross, and reduces impurities;

 (3)  The frequency range is wide, from 1KHZ to 20KHZ. The induction coil and matching compensation capacitor can be designed comprehensively considering the melting volume, electromagnetic stirring effect, heating efficiency, noise during operation and other factors to determine the output frequency;

 (4)  Compared with silicon controlled medium frequency, it saves at least 20% more energy;

 (5)  The equipment is small in size and light in weight, and its melting capacity ranges from a few kilograms to hundreds of kilograms. It has a wide range of options and is suitable for both factory production and small-volume smelting in schools and research institutes.

Main smelting furnace specifications and heating capacity:

The heating capacity of each melting furnace is listed in the following table. When the furnace is cold, the melting time per furnace is 50--60 minutes. When the furnace is hot, the melting time per furnace is 20--30 minutes.


Steel, iron

gold, silver, copper, tin

Aluminum, aluminum alloy

Input voltage

input power

TXZ-15 smelting furnace






TXZ-25 smelting furnace






TXZ-35 smelting furnace






TXZ-45 smelting furnace






TXZ-70 smelting furnace






TXZ-90 smelting furnace






TXZ-110 melting furnace






TXZ-160 melting furnace






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