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  • 160kw

  • Three-phase 380V

  • 15-35KHZ


TX-160 technical parameters:

1 Input power: 160KW

2 Input voltage: three-phase 380±10%   50-60HZ

3 Oscillation frequency: 15-35KHZ

4 Cooling water pressure: ≥0.05MPa ≥20L/min

5 Load duration: 100% 6 Cooling water requirement: 0.1Mpa, 68L/min

7 Water temperature <40 ºC

main feature:

   1. Adopt international company Siemens IGBT power devices and unique inverter technology, 100% load endurance design, 24-hour operation, high reliability guarantee.

   2. The self-controlled type can adjust the heating time, heating power, holding time, holding power and cooling time; greatly improving the quality of the heating product and the repeatability of heating, and simplifying the operating technology of workers.

   3. It is light in weight, small in size and easy to install. Just connect the 380V three-phase power supply, water in and out, and it can be completed in a few minutes.

   4. It occupies a very small area, is simple to operate and can be learned in a few minutes.

   5. Especially safe, the output voltage is lower than 36V, eliminating the risk of high-voltage electric shock.

   6. The heating efficiency is as high as over 90%, and the energy consumption is only 20%-30% of the high frequency of old-fashioned electronic tubes. It uses almost no electricity in standby mode, and can work continuously for 24 hours.

   7. The sensor can be freely and quickly disassembled and replaced, and ultra-fast heating greatly reduces the oxidation deformation of the workpiece.

   8. The latest environmentally friendly products that replace oxygen, acetylene, coal and other dangerous goods for heating, making production without open flames safer and more secure.

   9. The equipment has complete automatic protection functions such as overcurrent, overvoltage, overtemperature, water shortage, and lack of phase, and is equipped with a fault self-diagnosis alarm system.

Applied to the following areas:

   1. Machine tool guide rail quenching, camshaft quenching, gear overall quenching, larger gear single tooth quenching, sprocket quenching, gear shaft quenching, drive shaft quenching

   2. Quenching of crankshafts, gears, machine tool guides, shaft quenching, spline shaft quenching,

   3. The ax head of the pin is quenched, the claw hammer is quenched, the edge of the wire cutter is quenched,

   4. Annealing and stretching of various stainless steel containers

  5. Local heat treatment of automobile and motorcycle parts, local heat treatment of various mechanical parts

  6 Hot heading of bolts and nuts


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