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  • 80KW

  • Three-phase 380V

  • 10-50KHZ


super audioTX-80 technical parameters

1. Output power: 80KW 2. Working frequency: 10-40KHZ

2. Maximum input current: 110A

3. Input voltage: three-phase 380V, 50 or 60HZ 5. Working voltage range: 342V-430V/

6. Load duration: 100% 7. Cooling water requirement: 0.1Mpa, 68L/min water temperature <40 ºC 8. Host volume: 410*510*880mm  Weight 70kg

Extension volume 330*260*310mm       Weight 55kg

main feature: 1. IGBT inverter technology and series resonant circuit.2. Phase locking technology and soft switching technology ensure high reliability and realize automatic frequency tracking.3. The power factor is not less than 0.95. 4. Designed with 100% load duration, it can work continuously and can be turned on or off immediately.5. The protection circuit has perfect functions and high reliability.6. Low energy consumption, the conversion efficiency is as high as over 97.5%, and it saves 15%-30% energy compared with thyristor medium frequency induction heating equipment.7. Environmentally friendly, clean and pollution-free, improving the working environment of workers. 8. Simple and safe to operate.9. Replace traditional heating methods such as oxyacetylene flame, coke oven, salt bath furnace, gas furnace, and oil furnace.

The main purpose:

1. Annealing in various stainless steel industries.Such as annealing, stretching, annealing and curling of stainless steel basins and cans, and annealing of sinks, stainless steel pipes, stainless steel tableware, stainless steel cups, etc.;

2. Annealing of various other metal workpieces.Such as golf heads, clubs, copper locks, hardware and copper accessories, kitchen knife handles, blades, aluminum pots, aluminum barrels, aluminum radiators and various aluminum products.

3. Various hardware tools and hand tools.Such as quenching of pliers, wrenches, hammers, axes, screwdrivers, scissors (garden shears), etc.;

4. Various automobile and motorcycle accessories.Such as quenching of crankshafts, connecting rods, piston pins, sprockets, aluminum wheels, valves, rocker shafts, transmission half shafts, small shafts, pull forks, etc.;

5. Various power tools.Such as gears and shafts;

6. Machine tool industry.Such as quenching of machine tool bed surfaces, machine tool guide rails, etc.;

7. Various hardware metal parts and machined parts.Such as quenching of shafts, gears (sprockets), cams, chucks, clamps, etc.;

8. Hardware mold industry.Such as quenching of small molds, mold accessories, mold inner holes, etc.;

9. Through-heat forming of rods, square materials, blocks, etc. with a diameter of Φ10-Φ30

ZhenJiang TianXiang Precision Blectric Machinery Co.,Ltd
The company has been committed to the development, production and sales of solid-state medium frequency, high frequency and ultra-high frequency induction heating equipment. There are more than 100 equipment specifications currently, and the products cover medium frequency (1~20KHz), high frequency (30~80KHz), Full series of ultra-high frequency (0.1~1.1MHz), super audio frequency (10~60KHz), and power 3KW~600KW.
The main products include: high-frequency induction heating equipment, ultra-high frequency induction heating equipment, medium-frequency induction heating equipment, high-frequency welding machines, high-frequency quenching machines, smelting furnaces, experimental melting furnaces, copper melting furnaces, quenching machine tools, etc.
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