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  • 10KW

  • Three-phase 380V

  • 150KHZ


TXCGSC-10 handheld heating machine

(1) TXSCS-10 technical parameters

(2)   Oscillation power: 10KW (3)   Input power 10KW (4) Output frequency: about 150KHZ (5) Input voltage: three-phase 380V 50 or 60HZ (6) Load duration: 50% (7) Heating head cable length: 3--6 meters long (8) Equipment weight: 52KG (9) Heating head weight: (with 6-meter cable): 6KG (10) Pure weight of heating head (without cable): 1KG

(11) Power supply size (CM): 57L*32W*71H (12) Heating head size (CM): 14L*6.1W*7H

Main specifications and parameters of TXCGSC series:

Main specifications

 input power

Heating head cable length

Output frequency

Input voltage




2-8 meters


220V single phase

All equipment has type A, which is the self-control type, with heating and holding time and power adjustment functions;



380V three-phase

50 or 60HZ







Main applications: The handheld heating machine series is suitable for heating purposes in on-site operations, such as:

(1) Brazing of power transformer joints

(2) Air conditioning, refrigerator copper tubes, capillary tubes, brazing of copper tubes and rotor stator parts

(3) Mold heating and surface hot coating

(4) Preheating of welds or other parts, etc.

Introduction to TXCGSC handheld heating machine:

TXCGSC handheld heating machine series, the equipment power is 6~60KW, the frequency is 50-150KHZ, the heating head lead is 2~8 meters long, the heating head is light, and can be used for transformer joint welding, copper pipe online welding, surface heating coating, etc. This on-site heating application solves the problem of using induction heating equipment for on-site welding.

Performance advantages:

(1) The cable lead is 2-8 meters long, which is convenient and fast;

(2) The heating head is lightweight;

(3) Compared with many flame heating or welding methods, it is safe and environmentally friendly, can effectively improve the working environment, and adapts to the requirements of modern factories;

(4) Can cooperate with automatic mechanisms to achieve automated welding;

(5) Easy to learn and operate, you can start working after a few hours of training, which can save labor costs for professional welding technicians.

 Working principle and structural features:

TXCGSC handheld heating machine series equipment all adopt parallel resonant circuits. After resonance, high-frequency power is output to the heating head through a high-frequency transformer, and then the high-frequency power suitable for heating is output to the induction coil;

Due to the adoption of parallel resonance technology, there is only a resonant capacitor inside the heating head. The structure is small and light, and the heating cable and heating head are not easily damaged. Moreover, the capacitor and induction coil in the heating head directly resonate to produce a large induction coil current, which greatly improves the heating efficiency of the equipment. Improved, equipment useless energy consumption is greatly reduced.The equipment adopts the IBGT module and our company's third-generation converter technology, that is, full soft-switching dual-regulation converter control technology. In this technology, power and frequency are independently controlled, using IGBT power devices and soft-switching technology and amorphous The inductor forms a high-frequency chopper circuit to adjust the power, and IGBT parallel resonance and automatic frequency tracking technology are used to obtain a high-speed and more accurate soft-switching control inversion process.

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