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  • 20KW

  • Three-phase 380V

  • 100KHZ


TXSCS-20 handheld heating machine

(1) TXSCS-20 technical parameters (2)   Input power: 20KW (3) Output frequency: 20-100KHZ (4) Input voltage: three-phase 380V 50 or 60HZ (5) Load duration: 80% (6) Heating head cable length: 3-5 meters long (7 ) Cooling water requirements: ≥0.3MPa ≥8L/min (8) Power supply weight: 29KG (9) Heating head weight: 2.5KG (10) Power supply size (CM): 57 length × 32 width × 71 height (11) Heating head Size (CM): Ф8×15 long handheld heating machine introduction:

Handheld heating machine series, the heating head lead is 3 to 5 meters long, the equipment power is 6 to 60KW, and the frequency is 20-40KHZ. It can be used for various on-site heating applications such as transformer joint welding, copper pipe online welding, surface heating coating, etc.;    

  Main specifications and parameters of TXCGSC series:

Main specifications

 input power

Heating head cable length

Output frequency

Input voltage




2-8 meters


220V single phase

All equipment has type A, which is the self-control type, with heating and holding time and power adjustment functions;



380V three-phase

50 or 60HZ







 Working principle and structural characteristics TXCGSC handheld heating machine series equipment all use series resonance circuits. After resonance, high-frequency power is output to the heating head through a high-frequency transformer, and then the high-frequency power suitable for heating is output to the induction coil;

TXCGSC handheld heating machine equipment adopts the IBGT module and our company's third-generation converter technology, that is, full soft-switch dual-regulation converter control technology. In this technology, power and frequency are independently controlled, using IGBT power devices and soft switches Technology and amorphous inductance form a high-frequency chopper circuit to adjust the power, and IGBT series resonance and frequency automatic tracking technology are used to obtain a high-speed and more accurate soft-switching control inversion process.

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