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High frequency welding machine

  • 15KW

  • Three-phase 380V

  • 30-100KHZ


 Main technical parameters of TX-25 series induction heating equipment:

1. Maximum oscillation power: 25KVA

2. Input power: 15KW

3. Oscillation frequency: 30-80KHZ

4. Input voltage: three-phase 380V, 50 or 60HZ

5. Cooling water requirements: 0.2Mpa, 4 ~ 5 L/min

6. Load duration: 80%

7. Automatically controlled timing function: heating time, holding time, cooling time: 1-99 seconds or 0.1-9.9 seconds

Application scope:

1. Hot forging and pressing industry --- steel plate and round steel bending, whole piece forging, partial forging, fastener forging, drill bit pressing, hot piercing of various standard and non-standard parts, pliers, wrenches, etc. Heating of hardware tools before forging, etc.

2. Welding---(tin soldering, silver soldering, brazing) brazing of various metal products, welding of various tool blades, steel pipe welding, diamond tool welding, welding of various shearer picks, various brazing Welding of heads and drill bits.

3. Heat treatment - quenching, annealing and tempering of various metals; especially local treatment, heat treatment of various hardware tools and hand tools, quenching and heat treatment of various auto parts, gears, sprockets, hydraulic parts, machine tool guide rails

4. Smelting---casting smelting, steel plant smelting, precious metal smelting, laboratory small-scale smelting.

High-frequency welding machine is one of the high-frequency induction heating equipment. It can not only weld various metal materials, but also perform heat processing, heat treatment, smelting, etc. on various metal materials.

Induction brazing: Induction brazing is to place the metal workpiece to be welded (usually copper) in an induction coil, pass high-frequency alternating current, generate an induced electromagnetic field, couple on the surface of the workpiece to generate an induced electromotive force, and form an induced eddy current on the metal surface. The eddy current generated on the metal surface generates heat, and the welding part is usually coated with solder powder. When the workpiece reaches the melting temperature of the solder, it can be welded. Induction brazing is currently the cleanest and most environmentally friendly heating and welding method in the world.

The range of welding applications is quite wide, such as: welding of tungsten steel, alloy steel and other carbide tool heads, turning tools, milling cutters, drill bits and large pieces; various specifications of iron parts, copper parts, aluminum parts, stainless steel parts etc.; silver contacts, bellows, solenoid valves, pipe joints, steel strips, etc.; flat surfaces, end faces, gaps, butt joints, defects, etc. Its welding rods and welding materials have more applicability, such as: brass welding rods, red copper welding rods, Phosphor copper welding rod, silver welding rod, silver soldering piece, tin bar, tin wire, etc.

Characteristics and advantages of high frequency welding:

Because welding is generally a surface welding and penetration process between two workpieces to achieve the purpose of combining the two into one. Therefore, there is no need to perform deep heating or overall heating of the workpiece during the welding process. Only the workpiece is Surface heating and local heating can not only significantly increase the welding speed and save costs, but also effectively improve the welding quality and reduce the effects of oxidation, vulcanization, decarburization, discoloration, deformation and hardness.

The power selection of the high-frequency machine mainly depends on factors such as the material, size, shape and speed requirements of the workpiece. For workpieces of the same specifications, the power can be smaller for iron, slightly larger for stainless steel, and larger for copper; for workpieces of the same material Of course, larger sizes require more power, while smaller sizes require less power. The parts and shapes to be welded will also have an impact on the choice of power. The faster the heat dissipation speed, the greater the power required; the faster the required welding speed, the more power. Big; etc.

ZhenJiang TianXiang Precision Blectric Machinery Co.,Ltd
The company has been committed to the development, production and sales of solid-state medium frequency, high frequency and ultra-high frequency induction heating equipment. There are more than 100 equipment specifications currently, and the products cover medium frequency (1~20KHz), high frequency (30~80KHz), Full series of ultra-high frequency (0.1~1.1MHz), super audio frequency (10~60KHz), and power 3KW~600KW.
The main products include: high-frequency induction heating equipment, ultra-high frequency induction heating equipment, medium-frequency induction heating equipment, high-frequency welding machines, high-frequency quenching machines, smelting furnaces, experimental melting furnaces, copper melting furnaces, quenching machine tools, etc.
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