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  • 15KW

  • Three-phase 380V

  • 30-80KHZ


Main technical parameters of TX-25 series induction heating equipment:

1. Maximum oscillation power: 25KVA

2. Input power: 15KW

3. Oscillation frequency: 30-80KHZ

4. Input voltage: three-phase 380V, 50 or 60HZ

5. Cooling water requirements: 0.2Mpa, 4 ~ 5 L/min

6. Load duration: 80%

Application scope:

1. Hot forging and pressing industry --- steel plate and round steel bending, whole piece forging, partial forging, fastener forging, drill bit pressing, hot piercing of various standard and non-standard parts, pliers, wrenches, etc. Heating of hardware tools before forging, etc.

2. Welding---(tin soldering, silver soldering, brazing) brazing of various metal products, welding of various tool blades, steel pipe welding, diamond tool welding, welding of various shearer picks, various brazing Welding of heads and drill bits.

3. Heat treatment - quenching, annealing and tempering of various metals; especially local treatment, heat treatment of various hardware tools and hand tools, quenching and heat treatment of various auto parts, gears, sprockets, hydraulic parts, machine tool guide rails

4. Smelting---casting smelting, steel plant smelting, precious metal smelting, laboratory small-scale smelting.

Performance and features: 1. Fast heating: the fastest heating speed is less than 1 second, (the speed can be adjusted and controlled) 2. Wide heating: can heat a variety of metal workpieces (the detachable induction coil can be replaced according to the shape of the workpiece ) 3. Easy to install: connect the power supply, the induction coil and the inlet and outlet pipes can be used; small size, light weight, very convenient to use 4. Easy to operate: you can learn it in a few minutes 5. Quick start: heating can be started after turning on the water and power 6. Low power consumption: It saves about 70% of power than old-fashioned tube high-frequency equipment. The smaller the workpiece, the smaller the power consumption. 7. Good effect: the heating is very uniform (you can also adjust the density of the induction coil to ensure that all parts of the workpiece are heated temperature required by each), 8. Fast heating, less oxide layer, no waste after annealing 9. Adjustable power: stepless adjustment of output power 10. Full protection: equipped with overvoltage, overcurrent, overheating, water shortage and other alarm indications, and automatically control and protect

ZhenJiang TianXiang Precision Blectric Machinery Co.,Ltd
The company has been committed to the development, production and sales of solid-state medium frequency, high frequency and ultra-high frequency induction heating equipment. There are more than 100 equipment specifications currently, and the products cover medium frequency (1~20KHz), high frequency (30~80KHz), Full series of ultra-high frequency (0.1~1.1MHz), super audio frequency (10~60KHz), and power 3KW~600KW.
The main products include: high-frequency induction heating equipment, ultra-high frequency induction heating equipment, medium-frequency induction heating equipment, high-frequency welding machines, high-frequency quenching machines, smelting furnaces, experimental melting furnaces, copper melting furnaces, quenching machine tools, etc.
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