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  • 45KW

  • Three-phase 380V

  • 30-80KHZ


Tx─45AB  Technical Parameters:  (1) Specifications:Tx─45AB automatic control split type (2) Input power: 45KW (3) Oscillation frequency: 30-80KHZ

(4) Heating current: 17~100A (5) Input voltage: three-phase 380V (6) Load duration: 100% (7) Main extension cable: 2 meters long (8) Heating, heat preservation, cooling time: 1— 99 seconds (9) Cooling water requirement: ≥0.2MPa ≥6L/min (10) Host weight: 39KG (11) Extension weight: 38KG (12) Host volume (CM): 61 length × 30 width × 49 height (13) Extension volume (CM): 40 length × 26 width × 36 height

main feature:

1    Using IGBT power devices and our company's unique converter control technology, the equipment has higher reliability and low maintenance costs; 2. 100% load duration,   24-hour operation; 3. With constant current/constant power control function, higher heating efficiency; 4. Full display of output power, frequency, and current; 5. Simple installation, just connect electricity and water to use, no need for special personnel to install; 6. Miniaturized, only 77KG. 7. The automatic control type can adjust the power and time of the heating and heat preservation processes, which is beneficial to improving the repeatability of heating quality and simplifying worker operations.

Main applications and working principles:

This product is suitable for many heating applications such as:

(1) Heat treatment of gears, shafts and other parts

(2) Diamond tool brazing, such as grinding discs, trimming wheels, etc.

(3) Brazing of composite pot bottom

(4) Composite tube heating

(5) Annealing and stamping of stainless steel appliances

(6) Brazing of woodworking tools, etc.

(7) Various metal smelting

(8) Brazing of copper pipe joints (air conditioning, sanitary ware industry), etc.; The TX-45AB series equipment structure adopts our company’s second-generation inverter control technology. The equipment has high reliability and low maintenance rate. It is currently a popular equipment .

Advantages and applications of the TX-45AB timing function: 1. Heating power, heating time, holding power, holding time and cooling time are independently adjustable, which can effectively control the heating curve and heating temperature to a certain extent; 2. Used in repeated applications Highly stable workpiece heating and rapid heating; 3. When used in brazing, the combination of rapid heating and heat preservation functions is used to not only achieve rapid heating, but also maintain heat when the solder melts, so that the solder can fully spread;

Advantages and applications of split structure: 1. In split equipment, the high-frequency power supply (host) and high-frequency transformer (extension) are separated, and the connection between the main and extension units is 2 meters long.2. When used in workplaces with poor environment, the host can be enclosed in a clean space, greatly reducing the maintenance rate of the host and increasing the reliability of the equipment; 3. When used in assembly line operations or complete sets of equipment, small extensions occupy less space. Countertop space, easy to move;

Working principle and structural characteristics TX-35AB series equipment uses a series resonance circuit. After resonance, it outputs low-voltage, high-current high-frequency power through a high-frequency transformer; This series of equipment uses IGBT power devices and our company's second-generation inverter control technology - dual-regulation inverter control technology. In this technology, power and frequency are independently controlled, and IGBT switching devices and amorphous inductors are used to form a high-voltage The frequency chopper circuit adjusts the power, and uses IGBT series resonance and frequency automatic tracking technology to obtain accurate soft switching control inversion process, which greatly improves the operating reliability of the equipment under high power, allowing the equipment to be developed in the high power field. 100 % equipment duty cycle can be achieved; compared with the first-generation single-regulator control technology, the second-generation technology is more suitable for use in high-power equipment to obtain high equipment reliability.

Due to the adoption of advanced control technology, compared with similar products from other manufacturers in the same industry, our company's equipment has a wider operating frequency range and smaller equipment size. All equipment is water-cooled and does not use oil-cooled transformers. The equipment has high reliability and is easy to maintain. With low efficiency and low maintenance cost, it is one of the most widely used equipment at present;

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