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UHF welding machine

  • 5KW

  • Single phase 220V

  • About 1MHz


 The main technical parameters:

Rated input voltage: AC220V50Hz

Rated input current: 27A

Output power: 5KW

Oscillation frequency: about 1MHz

Working method: intermittent working status:

Output power 10%-100% infinitely adjustable

Working environment and temperature: basically dust-free, room temperature is lower than 35 degrees Celsius Cooling method: water temperature is lower than 35 degrees Celsius Cooling water pressure: >=0.2MPa

The main advantage:Carbide circular saw blade welding teeth for woodworking, carbide circular saw blade welding teeth for metal cutting, and various metal hole openers.There is no need to place a magnetic rod in the induction coil: it can be wound into any shape with ultra-high frequency and fast welding of teeth, 1-5 seconds per tooth; it has good repair performance, and can repair reworked and poorly welded teeth at will; the heating is fast and even, and can be Effectively prevents embrittlement and fracture caused by local overheating of the saw teeth.

The main purpose  

A. Welding of large and small teeth of carbide saw blades.

B. Eyeglass frames. Welding and annealing of spare parts.

C. Welding of jewelry and watches.

D. Electronic industry. (Extremely fine wires, various electronic components, fine parts, tin soldering and silver soldering.

E. Mechanical and electrical industry. (Fine metal joints, silver brazing, micro motor shafts, etc., quenching and tempering).

F. Wire rod industry (annealing of wire rod strips).

G. Tool welding. Paper cutter. Shoe knife edge quenching.

H. Toy industry. (Tempering of spring-loaded thin metal sheets).

ZhenJiang TianXiang Precision Blectric Machinery Co.,Ltd
The company has been committed to the development, production and sales of solid-state medium frequency, high frequency and ultra-high frequency induction heating equipment. There are more than 100 equipment specifications currently, and the products cover medium frequency (1~20KHz), high frequency (30~80KHz), Full series of ultra-high frequency (0.1~1.1MHz), super audio frequency (10~60KHz), and power 3KW~600KW.
The main products include: high-frequency induction heating equipment, ultra-high frequency induction heating equipment, medium-frequency induction heating equipment, high-frequency welding machines, high-frequency quenching machines, smelting furnaces, experimental melting furnaces, copper melting furnaces, quenching machine tools, etc.
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